5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams

We all have goals and dreams about life. Whether it’s to achieve financial security, lead a happier and healthier lifestyle, pursue a passion, or become a successful business owner. However, there’s usually a huge discrepancy between our dreams and the things we manage to achieve. 

Every dream, no matter how large or small, has challenges. You may often find yourself becoming discouraged or even giving up completely when you think about the roadblocks you face. If you find that’s true, try to think of some positive thoughts to help keep you motivated. While positive thoughts and motivation are important, you also need to be aware of the way you think, act and how you follow whatever dreams you have. 

Entrepreneur and author Bel Pesce has spent years understanding how people achieve their dreams, and why many people fail. After finishing her research, she has come up with five ways to kill your dreams.

Dream Killer #1: Believe You’ll be an Overnight Success 

We’ve all heard stories of people becoming an immediate success. Coming up with an idea one day and selling it for a lot of money the next. However, that’s rarely, if ever, the case and there’s always more to the story. Yes, you may come up with an idea that takes off immediately, but you probably wouldn’t have thought of it without years of doing and thinking about other things. Success, no matter how quickly you think it should come, always happens thanks to everything else you’ve done in your life before becoming successful. 

Dream Killer #2: Believe Others Have the Answers

It’s natural to share your dreams with family, friends, and co-workers. It’s also natural for them to want to help and offer opinions about how you should achieve those dreams, and it’s perfectly okay to consider them. But when it comes to decisions, you should make them yourself. Expect to make the wrong decision occasionally, and when you do, just pick yourself up and continue on your path. 

Dream Killer #3: Settling When Growth is Guaranteed

When you get to the point that life is going well and you’re on your way to achieving your goals, you may think it’s time to settle and slow down. But you shouldn’t become complacent. Instead, aim higher, reach further, and work harder. 

Dream Killer #4: Believe Someone Else is at Fault 

If you stumble, it’s easy to blame someone else. Perhaps you listened to some bad advice instead of making your own decisions, or maybe you couldn’t find an investor for that great new product you want to invent. But remember the fault is never someone else’s. The only person in charge of your future is you.

Dream Killer #5: Believe Your Dreams are the Only Thing That Matters

Of course, your dreams and goals are important, and it’s gratifying when you achieve them. But it should be more than a single moment. The journey, experience, and things you have learned are just as important as the dream itself. 

Watch this TED Talk presentation to listen to Pesce talk about her research, her experiences, and why these five things can kill your dreams. Dreams are an essential part of life; they help to motivate us to gain new skills and talents, enjoy new experiences, and live a fulfilling life. However, it’s important to remember that success always takes time. There will be a few bumps in the road, but each bump makes you better. Take the time to enjoy the experience and learn from your successes and failures.