7 Clever Ways to Afford New Kitchen Appliances

It’s happened. Your old reliable washing machine just croaked the same week your refrigerator gave up the ghost. You’re now in the market for new appliances, but judging by those price tags, you’ll probably never buy a new appliance again. Should you get something used or resign yourself to washing laundry in the bathtub and living off of canned food for the rest of your days?

Good news! You don’t have to do either. The truth is there are lots of smart ways to lower that price tag and buy brand new, high-quality appliances for your home. You just need to know the secrets. To help you out, here are seven excellent ways to afford something new without breaking the bank:

  • Buy without the frills—Obviously, you want good appliances if you’re buying new, but that doesn’t mean you need the latest, greatest, most expensive fridge out there. Do some research to find a brand with good reviews then go for a basic model to cut back the price. Another surefire method is to go for last year’s model. It will still be new and functional but also much less expensive now that the novelty has worn off.
  • Explore energy-efficient options—Did you know that going green can save you a bundle on new appliances? Energy-efficient choices will lower your utility bills in the long run and even come discounted if they meet government requirements. Look for the Energy Star label when you shop, and also ask about rebate programs that will give you money back after you buy.
  • Take advantage of in-store options—There are tons of ways you can save money in the store. Many retailers offer huge discounts on damaged appliances, which generally means they have dents or small imperfections that are easily overlooked. Also ask about price-matching options, discounted floor models, and military discounts for vets. Ask, ask, ask.
  • Trade-in your old appliances—Many establishments take broken appliances or old working models in exchange for a brand new discounted set. Look around for programs available in your area. They may even be willing to haul your old appliances right out of your home, saving you time and inconvenience too.
  • Negotiate—Too many customers walk in and buy without asking any questions or talking to the manager. Before you throw your money down, be sure to negotiate a lower price. The worst thing they’ll do is say no, but many stores want to impress you with a good deal. Even if they don’t budge on the price, ask if they could offer you free shipping and delivery.
  • Watch for sales—After the holidays is a fantastic time to buy new appliances. Sign up for email updates from your retailer and keep your eye on the market. Many stores offer Black Friday or Labor Day sales, and the week directly after Christmas is also a great time for discounts. Don’t be afraid to ask your retailers straight out when their best sales of the year will be happening. Working the system will save you a bundle.
  • Try no-credit financing—In many cases, stores can sell you brand new appliances with no-credit financing options. This means that you’re participating in a payment plan, allowing you to buy right now with a very low down payment, sometimes lower than $100. In-home layaway and leasing options are also available, so ask your retailer what’s possible. More often than not, they’ll be willing to work with you.