A Cut Above the Rest

Barbershops are heavily romanticized in Hollywood, which might make some question whether this is truly a real and rewarding profession. However, graduates from around the country are full-time barbers and enjoy it a great deal. In many ways, catering directly to the masculine side of hair can make your career as a beauty professional a cut above the rest.

Barbershops often offer a more relaxed atmosphere that most salons, meant to encourage friendship between clients and barbers. Not to mention, men often get their hair cut twice as often as females. Men’s haircuts often take less time as well. Not only can you see more customers per day as a barber, but those customers will return to your shop more frequently. This will result in a more reliable income base for your business

Barbers are allowed to offer more services than the average beauty professional as well. Upon graduation from an esthetics school, you will have state licenses to shave your clients. Clients that use these services often need to see their barber weekly, making these special services extremely profitable. This is also an industry in which clients are socially expected to tip, which often gives you a higher salary.

Creativity is an essential part of being in the beauty business. As a barber, you will make men feel professional, handsome and stylish. Many people with creative spirits will find an excellent outlet for their creative energy in this business. Every face is different, and using your skill and artistic eye to evaluate the structure and symmetry of a client’s face to make them look their best is extremely rewarding. No two days in a barbershop are ever the same, fueling most creative personalities.

This profession also allows you to be your own boss. With a chair in many barbershops, you can pick your clients and pick your hours. Imagine a life in which you can work around family and hobby obligations. Very few professions allow for this type of flexibility. A good esthetics school will teach you how to run your own business successfully with any schedule, making this dream a reality.

If reliable income, a truly flexible schedule, and your own business paired with a thriving and creative environment sound exciting to you as a career opportunity, being a barber would likely be a perfect career choice. Take a tour of your local school or barbershop to explore this career opportunity for your future.