Getting an app developed

The rapid growth of the internet and mobile technology brought us in an era where business means more than just having a quality product or service, placing marketing as one of the top priorities in order to succeed. In addition to newspaper ads, TV commercials, websites, social networks, marketing nowadays is getting focused on mobile networks. With the invention of mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the mobile industry had exponential growth, and now life is unimaginable without smartphones. Today you can do everything with your phone, check the news, find and purchase a product or service, social interaction, gaming, and many other activities. So if you already have a business and wish to maximize its profit, or you have an idea and wish to monetize it, maybe it is time for you to start focusing on application development, which will accelerate your business growth and generate greater revenues. 

  • Define your audience. Whether you do a business application, a game, or a newsfeed application, always bear in mind what your target group is. If your audience is older, then they need to dedicate more time to navigation, since they find it more difficult to navigate. While younger folks prefer a more eye-catching, colorful application. 
  • Define a platform. The subject of your application implies the type of platform you are going to use, whether it will be iPhone, Windows Phone or Android application, or more platforms at once. Let’s say you have an application that serves as a job seeker so that users can easily find a job. Then it is better if you go with Android, a widely used platform, which has a huge market, and a lot of free apps since it is more likely that one who has an iPhone doesn’t seek a job. Or if you plan on selling the application, then you should go with the iPhone, because iPhone users are used to buying applications, while Android users prefer free apps.
  • Define the money model. You can choose among selling the application, by a monthly or yearly subscription, or if you have developed a game, then selling lives, coins or maps can be your model. It is recommended that it provides a free trial so that users can test the application, and determine if they are willing to spend money on it. 
  • Develop and upgrade. This is the final and most important step. Learning how to develop requires some expertise, and will also take a lot of time and effort. This is ok if you are unemployed or have a lot of free time, but if you are employed, then you surely don’t want to spend more of your free time in front of a computer. You can always check for a company that does app development (i.e. custom app development from So if you think that your idea can bring you money, hurry up and monetize it. 
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