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From Microfilm to Digitazation

Microfilm proved to be a rather popular format of recording information and other content until the debut of the computer system. This roll of film, which looks and functions in

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How to Get TV on More Devices

The TV of the future will be mobile!  With more and more people carrying around mobile devices like the IPad Kindle Fire, and the iPhone as well as other smart

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When do you need to replace your computer?

Over time computers tend to experience hardware failures that can result in the catastrophic loss or damage of stored data. Computers should be replaced on a regular basis in order

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Great iPad accessories

The Ipad has become a necessary gadget for everyday life. It came to revolutionize technology and provides endless information and possibilities at your fingertips. Its size and weight allow you

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iPad or Surface

It used to be that picking a tablet was fairly simple – get an iPad. Today, however, the market has been flooded with every imaginable shape and size of a

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Getting an app developed

The rapid growth of the internet and mobile technology brought us in an era where business means more than just having a quality product or service, placing marketing as one

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Protecting your Phone Investment

Cell phones retail at different prices depending on the brand model and what the phone can do. In these modern times, having a phone goes beyond holding in your hand

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What Are Xeon Processors?

What are Xeon processors? A processor is a thing that processes information in your computer. It takes all the information that is inputted, either from the consumer or the internet

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4 Important Things to Consider Before Ever Buying Another Cell Phone

Oftentimes, purchasing a new phone can be expensive, not to mention a very intense experience, which is why you should always go into the situation knowing exactly what you’re looking

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