The Rings of Engagement and Marriage

Rings are a beautiful tradition of married bliss. Rings are often in wedding photos with a closeup shot of the bride and groom’s hands. After the proposal, a woman will often show off her ring to everyone she possibly knew in her lifetime. But why have rings become such a popular tradition of weddings? They didn’t just start popping onto wedded couple’s hands of their own accord since the beginning of time. So where did they originate? And what are the most popular wedding ring styles that people get today?

Why Are Rings Used For Marriage and Engagements

It is believed by some people that the concept of wedding rings may have started in Ancient Egypt. The rings were often just bits of papyrus braided in the shape of a circle that was presented to someone as a symbol of love. Ancient Romans later adopted the tradition but used iron to create their bands. These rings were given to claim a woman so others would know that she was betrothed. Early Christians, later on, used the rings for their marriage ceremonies. Rings are likely a continuing tradition of marriage because of the circular shape of the band essentially meaning everlasting. Circles are symbolic of infinity and neverending. This means giving a wedding ring to someone means a person’s love or bond to them is forever.

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