Top 5 Safety Hazards in the Workplace

Sadly, accidents happen all the time. Every year, nearly 6,000 workers are killed and 6 million are injured in on-the-job accidents. Many of them are easily preventable by just following a few basic safety precautions.

The most common safety dangers that occur in the workplace are:

  • Overexertion and repetitive motion
  • Accidental falls (slips and trips)
  • Falling objects
  • Toxic or hazardous environments
  • Electrical hazard

Overexertion and repetitive motion injuries are becoming one of the top workplace safety dangers. Workers who maintain the same position or complete the same repetitive tasks for a long period of time are the most susceptible to this type of bodily injury. It is the most common, and yet, is also one of the most preventable injuries. Educating workers on proper lifting and carrying techniques, and requiring mandatory breaks and integrating stretching exercises into the workday can help to prevent them.

Over a third of major work injuries are caused by accidental slips and trips in the workplace. A clean work environment is imperative to keep these injuries from occurring. Workers should be educated on the importance of keeping their working area free and clear of debris, and regular safety checks for slippery floors and other tripping hazards should be put in place.

A worker getting struck by falling or flying objects are a common danger in the workplace, as are accidental falls. Hard hats and other safety gear should be worn at all times where falling objects may be a hazard, especially in construction zones. These accidents can even occur in an office environment. Shelving should be checked regularly for stability and objects placed on shelves should not exceed their weight limits.
Toxic events, such as chemicals and hazardous fumes, are a subtle danger in the workplace. They are not as apparent as other safety risks but can be just as deadly. Inhaling dangerous fumes for long periods of time can lead to many illnesses, and can also be fatal. Proper safety equipment, such as face masks and safety gloves, should be worn at all times in an area where these chemicals are present or being handled. Chemicals should always be used in properly ventilated areas to prevent accidental inhalation.
Electrical hazards are also a major safety danger in any workplace, not just to those who work directly with it. Proper equipment and safety precautions should always be taken by those who handle electricity in their daily jobs. In other work environments, avoid using frayed or damaged power cords, and ensure that electrical equipment is properly grounded and in good condition before use. Not only can electricity cause injury from electrical shock, but it can also spark a fire if safety procedures are not followed.
Those are the top five safety dangers that can be found in the workplace. It is essential that all workers are educated about these hazards, and that safety rules and procedures are in place and being implemented. The key to a safe workplace environment is to be proactive about safety prevention before accidents can happen.
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