Top Three Motorcycle Trips

While just riding your motorcycle on any old road can be tons of fun, there are many places throughout the United States that offer some of the best riding experiences on the planet. In the article below we’ll discuss the top 3 motorcycle trips that every motorcyclist should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Before heading out on any long biking trip, it’s very important to make sure that you have all of the riding gear necessary to protect you from the elements. I ride a BMW and do most of my biking apparel shopping through online stores such as Frontline Eurosports. When riding on long trips, it’s important that your gear not only gets the job done but that it’s extremely comfortable.

Pacific Coast Highway: Spanning Highway 1 from San Juan Capistrano, California to beautiful Astoria, Oregon, this stretch of the highway if often touted as the dream motorcycle touring trip. The highway essentially runs up the entire western coastline and can offer unmatched scenic beauty. When cruising this stretch you will get to see beautiful dense forests, beach-side cliffs, small coastal towns, and more.

Appalachian Mountains: This 770 mile stretch of highway runs from Deal’s Gap, North Carolina all the way to Front Royal, Virginia. The particularly beautiful aspect of this trip is the 105 mile run through the Shenandoah National Park, which offers riders enchanting natural scenic beauty. The roads through this touring stretch are known to be especially smooth and well maintained. There are also many winding curves, which are sure to keep you entertained while soaking in all of the beautiful views flying past you.

Coastal Highway 1: This is number #3 on our list of best touring stretches in the United States. This 170 mile stretch of road runs through the State of Maine’s most beautiful stretch of the coastal highway. While traveling down this highway you not only get to view beautiful coastal scenes, but there are also many great shops and restaurants along the way. You’ll pass small antique shops, lighthouses, seafood diners, tiny little cozy coastal towns, and more. What is also great about this route, is that it connects to other amazing riding routes running in every direction, such as north towards Nova Scotia, or south through Pennsylvania.
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