What happens if you don’t replace your oil?

Several things will happen if you do not replace the oil in your car, but first one must understand the purpose of oil in an engine. Oil is typically used to lubricate gears and any inevitable metal contacting itself in an engine when it is running. When these metal gears make contact they produce a large amount of friction. Oil is used to reduce as much friction as it possibly can and to also increase the engine’s efficiency by allowing smoother gear operations.

To elaborate, one of the most important functions of oil is to also reduce the amount of heat caused by friction. Reduction of heat is important because an engine can only operate to the best of its ability at a specific temperature. If the temperature were to get too hot gears and mechanisms are likely to be damaged and this heat produced by the engine can also cause things surrounding the engine to melt. Therefore it is important to have overheating engines looked at right away. An Auto Repair, in Phoenix or other cities, that is similar to an overheating engine usually isn’t that big of a problem and is easy for auto technicians to fix within several days.

If one were to not change their oil, there are several things that are likely to happen, first and most important of which, would be a decrease in engine functionality and efficiency. Meaning the gears and parts, while not being correctly maintained, will not be in the same ideal condition as they were before and this will most likely require the engine to use up more gasoline for the same output. This could also mean the miles per gallon of the engine will be likely to decrease, and the engine is likely to also start running hotter than it usually would. This is why when diagnosing and performing Auto Repair in Phoenix or other large cities, one of the first things an auto technician will check for if an engine is overheating, is the quality of the engine’s oil.

If an engine is leaking oil, not replacing the oil could cause the engine to run out and therefore cause the engine to create too much friction, this might lead to overheating and damage its inner parts. This is why checking to see if one’s car is leaking fluids is just about as important as checking the oil about twice a month, ensuring the engine has enough oil to keep it functioning properly. It is not difficult to find Auto Repair in Phoenix or any other city as simple as a basic oil maintenance check. The easiest solution for all of these problems, however, is simply changing the oil.