Are You Sabotaging Your Skin By Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brush?

Doing your makeup is probably a familiar routine you do every morning before leaving the house. Whether you purchased professional makeup brushes or chose less expensive ones, you can do a lot of damage to your skin and your overall health by using makeup brushes that are dirty. Everyone should get into the habit of washing their makeup brushes right before using them for the very first time and at least once every day after that. 

Clogged Pores

One of the most common things that can happen when using dirty makeup brushes is clogging your pores. Your pores are an important part of your skin because they allow sweat and oils to escape and topical medications and skin creams to enter. Clogged pores fill up with dead skin cells and dried oils will appear larger than normal. When you don’t wash your makeup brushes and you store the brush in a moist and warm place, microbes can easily breed and get out of hand. That harmful bacteria breeding in your brush will end up right in your pores if you don’t wash the brushes. 

Increased Risk of Staph Infection 

With regular use, makeup brushes can accumulate bad viruses and bacteria, including streptococcus, E. coli, and staphylococcus. Staph infections are very unpleasant to deal with and can be life-threatening. Staph cellulitis usually starts with a small area of your skin that is red, tender, and swollen. Sometimes individuals with this type of staph infection can have a fever, chills, sweats, and an open sore. If you get a staph infection, you’ll need antibiotics to get rid of it. 

More Wrinkles  

Most people try to prolong signs of aging as much as possible. Using dirty makeup brushes can end up putting you at risk for getting more wrinkles. By using dirty makeup brushes, you are exposing your skin to oxidative stress, which breaks down the collagen and elastin in your skin, leading to premature aging. 

How to Wash Makeup Brushes 

To properly clean your makeup brushes, you’re going to need a good makeup brush cleaner. You can’t just wash them in soap and water because you’re going to want to kill all of the bacteria. Professional cleaners are ideal for breaking up any makeup residue left behind, getting rid of bacteria, and increasing the lifespan of the makeup brush. Run your dirty brushes under lukewarm water, keeping the bristles pointing downward. Put a very small amount of makeup brush cleaner in the palm of your hand and then swirl your brushes in the shampoo. Work the cleaner through the brush as effectively as possible and then rinse in lukewarm water. When you’re done, you’ll want to squeeze out any excess water and use a paper towel to properly dry off the bristles. 

While cleaning makeup brushes may not seem like the most exciting job, it’s completely necessary to keep your skin healthy. Reduce your risk of clogged pores, breakouts, and premature wrinkles by adding makeup brush cleaning to your daily routine. It makes a big difference to invest in quality brushes so you can reuse them time and time again. Always use a designated makeup brush cleanser to keep your brushes—and your skin—in prime condition.

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