How to Get TV on More Devices

The TV of the future will be mobile!  With more and more people carrying around mobile devices like the IPad Kindle Fire, and the iPhone as well as other smart phones and devices the TV viewing industry is adapting and becoming more mobile.

Gaming consoles first made the leap to offering additional services to their customers.  Now, not only could you play that great game you can also access movies, social apps, and other online media using one multi-purpose device.  As this technology has continued to advance the industry now offers multi-functional tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices capable of wireless and data plan connectivity.

Beginning with the availability of online streaming movies from Netflix® and then the online streaming of television shows from Hulu®, the demand for TV and movies that could be watched online from the computer became a sensation.  As the popularity and availability of the tablets have taken the world by storm, the desire for media that can be taken anywhere has grown over 41% in just the past couple of years.  From local broadcasters offering the availability of current episodes streaming online to movie production companies including digital copies with movies you buy; the world of entertainment continues to become more and more digital.

Several additional companies are now entering this ever-expanding the market by offering you TV on the go!  From cable to streaming, to satellite TV packages, you can find just the right programming to take on your mobile device.  Satellite companies are the latest to take advantage of this new technology by offering their customers a way to access not only streaming videos but also live TV and even better, access to their favorites shows stored at home on a DVR system.  

With the purchase of a simple add-on device, consumers now find it possible to access various avenues of video entertainment on the go.  Combine this new technology with apps that are easily downloaded on your mobile device and you’re able to take your TV programming with you wherever you go. Imagine waiting at a doctor’s office while having the ability to catch up on the latest episode of Survivor®, or how about riding on public transportation while watching the latest movie on HBO®.  All of this is possible using the new satellite TV service devices and a wireless or data plan connection.

Are you ready to make the switch?  Mobile devices also provide the added benefit of being more user-friendly as they are easier to navigate.  In fact, many children can easily find exactly what they are looking for, select it, and watch it.  Mobile devices and apps also allow you the ability to customize your view, your search preferences, and even create a favorites list of TV shows you watch.

So, when you’re ready to find out just how easy it can be to watch your favorite TV shows and movies while on the go, simply talk to your satellite provider for details. 

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