Must See Things in Washington D.C.

Visiting the nation’s capital is exciting and also a history lesson. Every year many people head to the capitol city to see the famous sites and buildings. While it is a historical area, there are plenty of things to do once the house and senate are closed. Here are some must-see things in Washington D.C.

The Whitehouse

While visitors probably won’t get to see the president himself, the tours are certainly worth the effort. Visiting the Whitehouse is a great way to see where presidents have lived and how the current representative dwells. See the amazing Oval Office and view the gardens and courtyards. Seeing this famous house is something that everyone should do at least one time in their lives.

Capitol Building and U.S. Supreme Court

Other popular destinations to visit are the other two houses of government. They do allow visitors and most leave in awe at what big production the entire process really is. Unfortunately, they do require tours to be scheduled through the Congressional Representative, so make sure to plan ahead. These tours can help gain an understanding of the laws and decision made regarding the nation

Stroll Through Georgetown

Georgetown is quickly becoming the happening spot for those visiting D.C. This waterfront community has quaint restaurants and plenty of little shops. After business hours are done, Georgetown comes to life. The nightlife is great and so are the pubs and local bars that surround this area. Sure visiting D.C. has some historical vibes, but it doesn’t have to be all a history lesson. There has to be plenty of time for play too.

C & O Canal

Like most areas, there are plenty of parks to enjoy. One of the most popular and historical parks is the C & O Canal. Visitors love hiking and kayaking in the famous area. There are places for picnics and plenty of outdoor activities for the children. This park is well maintained and one of the nicest in the entire area. Don’t be fooled by the hustle and bustle of the city, there are places to relax and this is the most relaxing place in the entire area.

Kennedy Center

Catch a concert or two or watch a live production at the Kennedy Center. This amazing amphitheater hosts famous stars from all over the world. Time the trip just right and visit a famous pop star while here.

There are so many things to see and do in this area that is can become overwhelming. Navigating through the traffic can also be complex that is why so many use the D.C. Limo Service. Visit every site without dealing with the traffic or trying to find each location and arrive in style. A trip to Washington D.C. should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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