Tips for Your First Cruise

You might be jumping with excitement already at the idea of going on your first cruise. If it is the first time that you will be on board, there is every reason to be thrilled. Most people have fantasies about cruise vacations after they watch movies and when they finally get the chance to be on board, chances are they miss out on important details out of excitement.

Cruise vacations are no doubt, the most enjoyable ways to travel around the world. However, if you don’t prepare well, your time onboard might not turn out to be as amusing as you thought it would be. After planning the vacation with your travel agent, the next important thing is packing. Especially for cruise trips, you should be more careful when packing since you will be spending a couple of days onboard and so, you need to make sure, you have all the necessary things handy. If you are well prepared, not only can you fill your trip with more fun but you can also save a great deal of money.

Most people make the mistake of carrying a dozen outfits for their cruise trip. Even if your vacation will last a week or two, you should not take more than 5 outfits. It’s good to know beforehand that your room is not going to be too large, especially if you are not buying the VIP room and so, your closet will be too small to store a dozen outfits in them. Plus, when packing your outfits, don’t pack your formal dresses. If it is your first cruise, you might have imagined people dressing up on ships. But that is no longer the case. People prefer comfort above everything and you will rarely find anyone formally dressed up for dinner. Your semi-formal top over your capris (for women) or a formal button-down shirt tucked in your dress pant (for men) is sure to make you all ready for dinner. Also, make sure you pack in a few hangers since you will need them to hang the clothes in the closet.
Besides this, a few books, cards, and board games would prove to be quite handy when you decide to stay in your room all day. Although the odds are low that you will get bored with the new and exciting daily activities arranged by the ship, there are times when you get seasick or the weather may not be very pleasant for you to stay outside. In those cases, you can stay in your room with a good book to cuddle up with.

The most important thing to carry in your bag is a sunscreen of a good brand. The sun is often very brutal on open seas and so you can expect some good tans when you are on board. But to avoid sunburns, your sunscreen will be very useful. Also, throw in a small umbrella in your bag so you can comfortably stay on the deck for long and enjoy the wind blowing on your face from the open sea.

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