Traveling Businessmen: Creating a Sustainable Routine on the Road

For many it’s a routine. Checking-in online, driving to the airport, parking, going to the counter-yet for some of us, it’s our job, Monday through Friday. For many of us, the dread is not actually being in the city, but rather packing appropriately to allow for an easy stroll through the TSA lines and ensuring that everything that needs to be packed is in fact packed!

To minimize the pain, below are some helpful tips that can create a sustainable routine on the road.

Travel Luggage: TUMI, makes quality and sustainable luggage. They make a carryon that has ample amount of space for suits and shoes, yet it still fits in the overhead carrier. Yes, they are expensive but worth the investment. If a person were to invest in a poorly made luggage more then likely they are going to end up tossing it a lot sooner then a quality made bag. Where do you think this cheap luggage goes? This luggage goes back to the landfill taking up more space in the world. Don’t let cheap luggage take your land from you; invest in a sustainable luggage piece!

In the Hotel: Hotels today are attempting to keep the planet green by leaving subtle notes in the hotel room about laundry, towels, and flushing, yet nothing can truly be done unless the travelers help. After showering, remember to hang up the towel. It’s easy; take the same mentality that you would use at home. Would you use one towel a day? Probably not, because that means more laundry than you have to do and most importantly more water that you would waste. If you are traveling for more then 2 or 3 days, give back the towel and then start using a new one. Your cleaning attendant (and the environment) will thank you!

Away Accessories: Finding quality travel-size shampoos, soaps and lotions is hard enough. Generally, men need to shave twice when gone for the week and disposable razors do not cut it. Disposable razors are made of cheap plastic that going to end up in a landfill after your done butchering yourself with it. Save yourself from cuts cushioned with tissues hanging from your face and invest in a good travel razor and products from the Art of Shaving. The Art of Shaving has razors that are great for traveling, and good quality for every skin type. With their travel size shaving creams and after-shave lotions, you don’t have to skip a good shave when traveling. The best part is that when your favorite lotion is all used up, be sure to toss it in the recyclable bin, because not only are the products great for your face but great for the environment.

Getting Around: Traveling to larger cities gives one the perfect opportunity to lower their footprint, taking advantage of subway systems, busses, or even using the good old fashion way of getting around-walking. If your destination is a somewhat off the grid? No worries-renting a hybrid and traveling in a group with co-workers will still give you some points, plus you’ll get to know one another. The upside of renting a hybrid is that most cities now have parking just for hybrid vehicles. Now you can be mindful of the environment and be rewarded with the best spot in the office!

Traveling is not easy, whether it’s planes, trains or automobiles. Hopefully, the tips provided will make your traveling easier and place a sustainable routine on your next adventure.

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